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David Graef

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Hello! My name is David Graef. I love to learn, especially when it comes to language in general and languages in particular. I spent a few years in Eastern Europe where I found that I had a knack for picking up languages. This drove me to get my Bachelor’s Degree in Linguistics from Moody Bible Institute in Chicago. I graduated in 2014 and moved to Hawaii with my wife and newborn. In 2017 I started teaching American Literature and Spanish classes at Hanalani Schools, a local Christian private school. During that time, I also completed my M.Ed. in Teaching English Grammar and Literature. Every step in my education that I’ve taken has helped me to fall more in love with learning whatever I can. I also love to share that passion with my students, helping them to learn to love reading, communicate clearly, and think critically.

M.Ed Teaching English Grammar and Literature
B.A. Applied Linguistics and a Minor in Foreign Languages.

I am qualified and able to tutor for any English course from 6-12 grade.

Contact: davidgraef.tutor@gmail.com

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Recent Reviews

Writing, Spanish, and grammar.

5.0 rating
August 28, 2020

Mr. Graef is an enthusiastic teacher, he has taken a lot of effort to plan and communicate each lesson. Nyla has definitely improved and continues to improve her writing mechanics in just four weeks of being tutored and she continues to work with Mr. Graef on her Spanish conversational skills. I would really recommend Mr. Graef as a tutor.

Manju Nair

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